RUGGINE - the new album

RUGGINE - the new album - Magnetica Ars Lab

 RUGGINE - digital edition 2023: a special edition created by Stefano Giaccone

for his digital label on Bandcamp  #MaisonLeGras  (LINK)


All tracks, with printable cover and booklet, are in free download  (Wetransfer LINK)



 This album would not have been possible without the precious collaboration of many friends and musicians:

  • Roberto Belli (Brigata Stirner)
  • StefanoGiaccone (Letze Worte)
  • Nicola Macciò (Joe Perrino)
  • Fausto Rossi (Faust'O)
  • Matteo Casula
  • Carmine Mangone
  • Maria Loi

 The photos of the cover and booklet are by AlessandroTocco (LINK)



  • HyperHouse website - review by Sandro Battisti (LINK)
  • Maldoror press website - review by Carmine Mangone (LINK)



 Note: Ruggine is dedicated to my dear friend Nicola Macciò/Joe Perrino, with a great wish of good luck for his future.


LOOPKLANGENOISE: a work with Maurizio Bianchi/MB

LOOPKLANGENOISE: a work with Maurizio Bianchi/MB - Magnetica Ars Lab

A limited special edition into a dvd box (whit a photographic booklet realized by Fabrizio Tedde)  avalaible only on Final Muzik website!  

The digital edition in on SOUNDCLOUD:  digital edition



74 minutes and 13  tracks of industrial/electronic music where Magnetica Ars Lab and Maurizio Bianchi collaborates  with many friends..! Many electronic musicians whit their groups and projects  plays into this work! 

  • Matteo Casula
  • Simon Balestrazzi/TAC
  • Clara Murtas
  • Fausto Rossi/FAUST’O
  • Roberto Belli/BRIGATA STIRNER
  • Nicola Locci/EXAGONAL
  • Nicola Boari/SLP
  • Corrado Altieri/UNCODIFIED
  • Raimondo Gaviano/SVART1
  • aleX naSi /COLONELXS
  • Cecil/kaiser[(schnitt)amboss/laszlo]




DIRTY SIMPHONY - 2019 - Magnetica Ars Lab

DIRTY SYMPHONY: a special digital release on Bandcamp (LINK

Dirty Symphony is a soundtrack's collection extract from a series of video clips made by the artist and videomaker Mario Pischedda/inmovement (LINK)

Magnetica Ars Lab has sonorized his videos whit some personal cover's version of many hits and classic songs. All tracks are remixed, modified, re-played  and distorted for the occasion. Dirty Symphony is published with Creative Common attribution BY - NO Commercial Use).



Tracklist Audio/Video: 

Hurry Kane - from Bob Dylan's song "Hurricane"  (videoclip  LINK)

Onde Rod Express - from Kraftwerk's song "On the road express"  (videoclip  LINK)

Ground Control - from David Bowie's song "Space Oddity"  (videoclip  LINK)

Noise Anarchyst - from Sex Pistols song "Anarchy in the UK"  (videoclip  LINK)

Paint it Red! - from Rolling Stones song "Paint it black"  (videoclip  LINK)

Perfect Day - from Velvet Underground song "Perfect Day" (bonus audiotrack)



Hurry Kane  is performed by Fulvio Accogli

The sax of Onde Rod Express is played by Gianni Ricciu

The voice in Ground Control is by Roberto Belli/Brigata Stirner

Paint it Red! is performed by Gesuinu Deiana

Vocal and guitar of Noise Anarchyst are by Andrea Andrillo

Perfect Day is a bonus track without video



FIRST ALBUM for Maldoror Records

FIRST ALBUM for Maldoror Records - Magnetica Ars Lab

MAGNETICA ARS LAB is the first album released  for Maldoror Records!

A digital edition of MP3 tracks at 320k and Creative Commons Rights.

58’07″ of electronic/industrial songs totally FREE!  

Free Downloads link:  MediaFire  ::  Deposit Files  ::  torrent1  ::  torrent2




Important notice:

This work is also disposable in cd-audio "limited edition" with many different graphic covers. Contact me if you need a copy.

Multimedia and Video works

MAGNETICA ARS LAB - multimedia & video works

Magnetica Ars Lab is also a multimedia project.

Many video-works are visible on our youtube channel (LINK)


This video "Stolen Apple"  is an example of a remixed version extract from Derek Jarman's film titled "Stolen Apple for Karen Blixen" with musics by Machina Amniotica


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